Production journal

Hello and welcome to our Production Journal! Here you will find articles describing the development process of San Antonio Creek, a satirical web comic featuring a hysterical gang of critters. We are a small group of talented creatives and we are excited to share this journey with you.

100 Instagram Followers!

We want to say HELLO to our first 100 Instagram followers! 🥳 As many of you know, this is a great first step in our effort to build a community around this curious world that

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Painting Stanley

This week we are doing something special: our first artwork livestream. We are working on the first frame for a new strip where we introduce our new character, Stanley! Take a look:

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Planning Our Social Media Outreach

We spent this week brainstorming ideas for our upcoming social media outreach. Our primary goal was to put a little personality into our content. Crowdsource one-liners for Single Frame Fridays. Feature various parts of the

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Meet Us At Rose City ComicCon!

Over the past few weeks the team has constructed a plan for our initial outreach to the comic community and so Joe and I will be coming to the annual Rose City ComicCon in Portland.

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Assets, Assets, Assets

As the production team begins to settle on important dates and setting up key properties, like getting our website up!, we are building assets including promotional graphics, writing copy, and so much more. We have

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