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We want to say HELLO to our first 100 Instagram followers! 🥳 As many of you know, this is a great first step in our effort to build a community around this curious world that we are building called San Antonio Creek. We are excited to have you aboard.

Because our primary goal is to hit 500 followers on Instagram, we are guiding attention to our profile screen (@sanantoniocreek_official), where the follow button lives. This is a time to test the waters in order to make decisions about where our marketing dollars could best be spent. Our first two promotions are as follows:

The Promotions

Stanley Intro Animation

Click here to view on Instagram.

People Reached1610
Ad Taps38
Profile Visits44
Website Visits1
Cost Per Follow$2.40

Halloween Post

Click here to view on Instagram.

People Reached1,573
Ad Taps45
Profile Visits43
Website Visits0
Cost Per Follow$0.71

Additional Notes


Our Webtoon subscribers count, which has stagnated at 12 for quite a while, increased to 17 during the promotions. Welcome new Webtoon community members! Looking for us on Webtoon? Click here.


We have been posting in the Comics community on Reddit, which allows for posting of original content. We are encouraging our team to spend a little time engaging with other people’s posts as well. Our like counts usually hover around 18.

The Takeaway

The first thing we noticed is that subscriber acquisition is expensive in the beginning. We expect as we put out more comics, momentum will help to ease the cost. It looks like we are getting a little traction with the latest Halloween post whose ROI is considerably higher than Stanley’s intro video. The number of people who click the ad’s CTA button vs the those who click our username—which both lead to our profile—is roughly equal at 30 to 28, respectively. We feel there may be a segmentation opportunity here.

Most of all, we are happy and excited about what’s to come and all of the amazing people who will be around along the way. Thanks everyone.

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