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As the production team begins to settle on important dates and setting up key properties, like getting our website up!, we are building assets including promotional graphics, writing copy, and so much more.

We have decided to launch on the following platforms and need to create respective graphics.

  • WebToon (
    • Square Thumbnail (1080x1080px)
    • Vertical Thumbnail (1080x1920px)
    • Episode Thumbnils (160x151px)
  • Instagram
    • Profile Picture (110x100px)
  • Facebook
    • Profile Picture (variable)
  • Fandom
    • TBD

Our most immediate copywriting needs are as follows:

  • Public-facing sales descriptions for social media
  • Copy for various sections of our website
  • Five Production Journals

Brand & Artwork

As the project is in its infancy, we are still very much deciding on character colors, typefaces, story cadence, etc. Our primary goal in this regard is to standardize character and background colors so that they print well. These things have to look good on paper too!

It’s About Community

Finally, in regards to this production journal, we are deciding how much we would like to share as well as which topics or nuances are most interesting to our viewers and extended community. If you are interested in any specific part of our production process, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know!

We will be announcing our launch date very shortly, so stay tuned!

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