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Happy Wednesday Dag-Nits and Dag-Nettes!

This week we focus on—say it all together—getting our S*** together! That means scheduling, planning, and committing to various milestones and metric targets as we steadily approach Rose City ComicCon!

Production Journal (Every other Wednesday)

This week we decided on a structure for our Production Journals, which we hope will be a fun way to connect with other members of the creative community. We plan to publish a new journal entry every other Wednesday. Some may be long and some might be shorter and we will adjust as we get feedback from our community. Each entry will be accompanied by a silly intro video like the one you see above!

Single Frame Friday (Every Other Friday)

Every artist doodles. Whether it is a sketch on a napkin, a little melody that pops into your head, an idea for a cool shot for a film that hasn’t been written yet while you’re walking through the city, all of these ideas help us grow and develop as artists. It is an important and necessary part of being creative. And instead of throwing them in the bin, we’ve decided to share them with you as a way to glimpse inside our creative processes for just a single frame. We have created the ingenious idea of “Single Frame Fridays” to give us a space to share some of the ideas we just couldn’t find a place for.


We want to get goodies out to you and we have placed sample orders for some colorful clothing and other little tricks. We will show you what everything looks like when the shipments come in.


One of our big challenges this week was to establish our targets for our trip to Rose City ComicCon. We wanted a number that seemed like a challenge but was also believable, so we settled on 100 Instagram subscribers. It will be interesting to see what all of the metrics look like after the event.

Thank you!

If you enjoy seeing how our project progresses on a weekly basis, please subscribe and check in to see what we’re working on! Every Production Journal entry is a place where you can leave your comments and ideas. We can’t wait to meet you all and hear your thoughts!

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