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Over the past few weeks the team has constructed a plan for our initial outreach to the comic community and so Joe and I will be coming to the annual Rose City ComicCon in Portland. As September 9th approaches, we gear up for a push so that we can be ready to share the beginnings of the strip with everyone.

The agenda for this week’s Production work focused on the promotional materials that we need for the event. This includes stickers and other little goodies that we will share with you in the coming weeks. We hope to have something special on the way! Until then, here is a proof of the first order:

Red throwing a tantrum.

We wanted to make sure that these stickers were large enough to catch someone’s attention from 30 feet as well as being small enough that people will actually want to stick them somewhere. Stickers that get too large start feeling like wall decals to me. In any event, this is why we ended up going with 4×3″ size. I love the energy in this illustration and hope that others will feel the same.

We are looking forward to meeting you and discovering the art and stories that stir your imagination.


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